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PhD Research Centre

National Insurance Academy (Research Centre) Under Savitribai Phule Pune University (Erstwhile University of Pune)

National Insurance Academy is recognized Research Centre of Savitribai Phule Pune University (Erstwhile University of Pune).The Research Centre was established in the year 1992 under Pune University for the faculty of Management.



Ph.D. admission 2019 Second Round interview : List of selected candidate for the subject “Insurance and Transport”


Sr. No.

Application ID

Full Name


Category ID



Kaustubh Vasant Gholap





 Existing Ph.D. students


Name of the Student

Admission year

Name of the Guide

Organization Management

Mr. Madaan Jugal Kishore


Dr. Sushama Chaudhari

Financial Management

Mr. Nimkar Narhar Krishnaji

Transfer 2017

Dr. Uma Subramanian Gopalakrishnan

Organizational Management

Ms. Yadav Ruchika


Dr. Sushama Chaudhari

Insurance and Transport

Mr. Panjwani Divas


Dr. S. Doss

Marketing Management

Ms. Patil Rutuja Deepak


Dr. Shalini Tiwari

Marketing Management

Mr. Savargaonkar Sujeet Ramesh


Dr. Shalini Tiwari

Insurance and Transport

Mr. Bhaskar Hemchandra Nerurkar


Dr. S. Doss


Sr No Name of the Student Topic Guide Completed Year
1 Mr. Roshan Raju A study of Performance and problems of Domestics Tour Operators in Pune Region Dr. Sushama Chaudhari December-2020
2 Mrs. Shubhalaxmi Joshi "A study of Information Security Policies in selected I.T. Companies in Pune City'' Dr. S D Totade January-2011
3 Mr. Nyangera Ronald Gesicho A Compar.ative Study of Computer Software Application in Operation Management in Selected Industrial Units in Nairobi, Kenya and Pune, India Dr. S D Totade February-2010
4 Mr. Z.S. Mulla A Critical Study of use of Case Tools in the Deve lopmen t of Quality Software (related to Business Applications) by software development house s in Pune Region Dr. S D Totade June-2009
5 Mrs. Aruna S. Deoskar A Study of Mobile Services from Custome r's Perspective Dr. S D Totade March-2009
6 Ms. Sampada S. Kapse A Study of Risk Management Pr·actices in Fertilizer Indust ries in Gujarat Dr. K C Mishra October-2008
7 Mr. Majid Rahiminasab Dimensions in Medical Informatics A study of Oracle Database Administration in medium and large scale IT, Service and Manufacturing  Dr. S D Totade August-2008
8 Ms. Shilpa Kulkarni Strengthening of Credit Flow to SSI Sector in India - New Approaches Dr. K C Mishra April-2008
9 Mr. George E Thomas Managing change in the general insurance regulatory mechanism: an organizational study of Tariff Advisory committee Dr. K C Mishra September-2006
10 Ms. Simita Mishra An Exploratory Study of Management Dimensions in Medical Informatics Dr. S D Totade May-2006
11 Mr. FaizAbdulkarim A. Bazanboor Role of M.I.S. iq Small Scale Industries (with special reference to Pune City) Dr. S D Totade · March-2006
12 Mr. Gholmerza Enayati Profitability of evaluation in marketing strategies planned by insurance companies in pune Dr. K C Mis hra January-2006
13 Mr.Saeed Ali Omer Bhaj Study of ERP implementation in medium scale manufacturing companies Dr. S D Totade December-2005
14 Mr. Rostam Pour Rashidi Linkage between MIS and Decision Making Role of Management, in Production Units in and around Pune Dr. S D Totade October-2005
15 Mr. Subrata kumar Mitra Application of Neural networks in Investment Manajement Dr. R K Parchure June-2005
16 Ms. S. Uma Critical Evaluation of Portfolio Selection Rules Dr. R K Parchure 2003
17 Mr.S P Deshpande Health Insurance Dr. R K Parchure February-2003
18 Mr. Arwah Arjun Madan Behavior of initial public offerings (IPOs) in the Indi an capital market in the pre and post liberalization era Dr. R K Parchure June-2002
19 Mr. Shashidharan Kuttv Life Insurance as a financial product Dr. R K Parchure November-2000
20 Mr.Steward Doss Assessment of service quality in life Insurance corporation of India Dr. VS Kaveri December-1998



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For Research Centre details, please contact:


Dr. Sushama Chaudhari
Head of Ph. D. Research Centre Department
Phone : 020-27204010
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Vaishali Bhambure
Compliance Officer
Phone : 020-27204060
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For admission related enquiries contact


Mr. Ganesh S. Dalvi 

Phone : 020-27204074 

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National Insurance Academy
25 Balewadi, Baner Road, NIA PO, Pune- 411045
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