Programme Overview:

 India is one of the fastest growing economies, and so is the case with the country’s insurance sector. Insurance business is a business of taking risk and as such needs to be the most efficient in managing its own risk. Fraud is an operational risk and results in leakage of funds, significant legal costs, and most importantly in erosion of confidence in public/market.

 Good governance principles demand that an organization’s board of directors, ensure overall high ethical behaviour in the organization and thus prevent fraud as far as possible. However the best way to prevent fraud is to develop a culture where each individual in the organisation act as eyes of the organisation.  This programme is designed to educate the participants about regulatory framework related to fraud management and also preventive aspects of insurance frauds in an integrated way to counter Insurance Fraud.


 Ø    Get acquainted with the fraud scenario in the BFSI sector

Ø    potential areas to appreciate potential areas of fraud

Ø    To know regulatory framework for prevention of frauds

Ø    To get acquainted with best practices of fraud prevention across the world


 Ø    Fraud Scenario in BFSI sector (worldwide)

Ø    IRDA Corporate Governance Guideline

Ø    Regulatory Frame work for prevention of Insurance frauds

Ø    Risk Management Systems and processes

Ø    Role of Internal operating procedures in preventing fraud

Ø    Cyber frauds threats (Role of technology and social media)

Ø    Money Laundering in Insurance including AML/CFT/FATKA

Ø    Intelligence and Investigating tools & techniques in insurance Frauds 

Ø    Principles of Insurance  & analysis of Claims Processing Procedure & Insurance Fraud

Ø    Internal audit &inspection role in preventing and detecting frauds

Ø    Forensic Audit

  Participants’ Profile: Participants’ Profile: Manager (Claims), Manager (CRM), Manager (F&A), Manager (Legal) to be nominated by HRD Department of the Zonal Offices

Duration:        3 days

 Date:   12-01-2021- 14.01.2021