The Life Insurance industry is poised for a giant leap in terms of business growth.  It is the customer centric activities which will gain prominence and stay ahead of competitors.  Market intelligence systems can be used to identify business opportunities and avoid threats.  Huge data, information is available that prioritizing information that is vital.

 Sound marketing strategy of Organization depends on superior marketing intelligence.  Hence collection and analysis of market intelligence should be done properly.

 The Programme will elevate participants ability to collect market information and prioritize the information and transfer market information into practically implementable ways of achieving Organization short term and long term goals and stay ahead of competition.


At the end of the programme participants will be able to appreciate

  Global trends in the life insurance

  Social intelligence.

  Components of market intelligence

  Market research to drive organization strategy

  Consumer expectation

  Emerging trends in distribution

  Products of competitors

  Dynamics of the countrys economy

  Regulation updates.


  Global trends in Marketing

  Market Research ( Data collection, analysis and use for practical way of implementation)

  Current Economic scenario. 

  Regulation update on marketing

  Consumer buying behavior

  Changing customer profile

  Current trends in Life Insurance marketing

  Marcom and Brand Building

  Trends in marketing communication

  Business ethics

  Competitive intelligence

Participant Profile:

                     Officers in the cadre of AO to DMs in ZOs and DOs in the marketing side.

         Officers working in DO/ZO to be nominated by HRD Department of Zonal Offices. Officers from CO to be nominated by CO-HRD as per recommendations of concerned CO-HOD.


Duration: 3 days

Dates:     27.01.2021- 29.01.2020