Learning Objectives:

The objective of the programme is to apprise the participants of the alternative investment opportunities that are available in the market and the functioning of the markets / systems.  Thus by these learnings they would be better equipped to convince the prospects / existing customers about the relative competitiveness of their products / services and returns that could be expected out of such investments.  These learnings would enhance the participants knowledge on the various prevalent economic / financial scenarios and the likely impact of the same on the earning potential of the various available investment products in the market.

 These learning will make them pragmatic  


Ø  Overview of Investment

Ø  Short term & long term investment products

Ø  IRDA Regulations relating to investment of insurance funds

Ø  Relation between risk and return

Ø  Discounted Cash Flow & Time value of Money

Ø  Securities Market Overview

Ø  Financial & Economic Environment

Ø  Securities market & financial system

Ø  Study of Financial Statements including common ratios e.g. Operating & Net Margins, EPS, Dividend Yield, ROCE, ROE, Inventory & Debtors Turnover, Debt Equity Ratio (Leverage)

Ø  Insurance Accounting, Capital Adequacy, Solvency

Participants’ Profile: AO/ADM/BM/SBMs to be nominated by HRD department of Zonal Offices

Duration:       3 days

Date:               20-01-2021 -22.01.2021