InsurTech is the new disruption for insurance both in marketing and customer service. Companies are fast adapting to this change and making it possible for them to reach out to potential customers at the micro level.  Added to this the millennials setting the rules of the game as never before a heavy challenge for insurance companies.

 The marketers need to constantly innovate themselves at product level and distribution level to be relevant and to grow.


 The participants will have an overall understanding on the


  Global marketing trends in Life products

  The competitors and their products

  Marketing bounds

  Target identification

  Best practices across the market

Course content:


  Global trends in Life insurance marketing

  Emerging trends in life insurance marketing

  Market segmentation

  Competitor intelligence

  Emerging trends  in Customer retention

  Professionalising the Marketing Force

  Creating a High Performing Distribution Team in a Tied Channel

  Data analytics and predictive marketing

  Blue Ocean Theory

  Leveraging opportunities in Women Segment

  Business ethics

  ULIP Marketing

Participants profile:

         Sr. Branch Managers and Branch Managers. 

Duration:  3 days

Date:   19.01.2021- 21.01.2021