Operating units viz. Divisions and Branches are profit centres for an insurance company. Divisional and Branch Managers leading the operating units are backbone of the companies. This programme focuses on management concepts which will help DMs and BMs in driving performance in their respective units. The programme will also create an opportunity for the participants to share and learn best business practices with the help of group work, case studies, and management games.


Learning Objectives:

Ø    To identify environmental trends impacting non-life insurance industry.

Ø    To develop requisite managerial skills for overall performance of operating units.

Ø    To enable DMs and BMs to utilize available human resources effectively.



Ø    Emerging trends in non-life insurance industry

Ø    Digital disruptions in insurance industry

Ø    Understanding financial statements

Ø    Business portfolio analysis

Ø    Customer relationship management

Ø    Goal setting and achieving results

Ø    Effective delegation

 Participants’ Profile: DMs / BMs / Operating Unit Heads from Non-Life Insurance Companies

 Duration: 3 Days

Dates:    06.01.2021- 08.01.2021