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MOU with IUMI Germany

National Insurance Academy, Pune, India and International Union of Marine Insurance ,Germany


As marine insurance market is constantly growing, the demand for knowledge upgradation has become very essential for marine underwriters across the world. As a premier insurance educational institution. National Insurance Academy has been playing this key role over the years.  The Academy is delighted to enter into a Memorandum of Cooperation with International Union of Marine Insurance, Germany in furtherance of this cause.


The MoC with IUMI provides the basis for collaboration between the two organizations in order to promote and expand knowledge and expertise for marine insurers. In this regard mutual accreditation of IUMI and NIA programmes is envisaged. Moreover, both organizations will seek opportunities to run online webinars together. NIA will assist IUMI in identifying suitable experts and guest speakers on topics relevant to marine underwriters from around the world. On suitable occasions both organizations will facilitate an exchange of information on specific marine insurance topics.


IUMI offers certification courses on Marine Hull and Cargo at preferential membership fees for NIA students


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