Insurance is extremely data-driven forward looking business. Data Analytics play extremely important role in every facet of such business. Availability of free and open-source software tool like R & related packages enable us to get necessary business insight for more effective business management.

Claims Managers, Business Data Analysts, Actuarial Scientists, IT professionals working in Data Analytics areas and officials working in Insurance technical departments need to develop necessary analytics skills in R. Therefore, this hands-on training particularly focusses on GI claims analytics, loss modeling and Machine Learning, by using R and related packages.


ü  R for Data Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive, Cognitive & Decision Analytics

ü  Loss Frequency Distributions & Severity Modeling

ü  Claims Reserving

ü  R for Data Mining & Machine Learning:

o   EDA (Exploratory Data Analytics), Regression Modeling, Dimension Reduction using PCA (Principal Component Analysis),

o   Prediction Performance Evaluation

o   Classification: CART (Classification & Regression Trees), KNN, Naive Bayes Classifier, Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, Discriminant Analysis

o   Ensemble and Uplift Modeling

o   Association Rules and Collaborative Filtering

o   Cluster Analysis

ü  Hands-on Exercises & Case-Studies in different business areas

Participants’ Profile:

This Hands-On training is open to entire GI industry including Brokers and other related organizations from within India as well as from other countries. Actuarial employees, Claims Managers, Business Data Analysts, IT professionals working in Data Analytics areas and officials (at various middle and higher levels) working in Insurance technical departments of General Insurance, Health Insurance, Re-Insurance organizations, Regulators, Insurance Information Bureau, Broking companies, TPAs (Third Party Administrators) - will get benefited from this Hands-on training. Working employees from any other organization interested in learning ‘R for Claims Analytics, Loss Modeling & Machine Learning’ also employees pursuing actuarial studies, will also get benefited. Passion for analytics and patience necessary. Background in R is not necessary.


This hands-on training based on ‘R’ software and related packages. It will have proper blend of conceptual technological inputs, hands-on practices, Best Practices, Executive Briefings, Case-Studies and Experiences Sharing.

Duration:       5 days

Dates:             07.08.2023 – 11.08.2023