Government of India has taken several major initiatives towards making our country global leaders in Artificial Intelligence. Also, IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India), in line with India’s AI agenda, has taken several steps on applications of AI and related technologies, for making Insurance industry smarter. Many Insure-Tech companies have started providing AI-based solutions and services. This and next few years are going to witness unprecedented AI-empowered innovations especially in General Insurance industry, having potential as the ‘Game Changers’. In this context, GI related organizations need to augment Digital & AI strategies related competencies among senior and top management of insurance companies, and to adopt the best practices of AI deployment, in their organization.


Ø  Digital & AI initiatives taken by Government of India (including by IRDAI)

Ø  Digital Technologies & related strategies

Ø  Blockchain for Smart Contracting: Trends & Strategies

Ø  AI Technologies & related strategies

Ø  Case Studies on Digital & AI

Ø  Strategies Development & Execution

Ø  FinTech & Insure-Tech

Ø  Digital Governance Best Practices

Ø  AI & Data Governance Best Practices

Participants’ Profile:

This training-course is open to all - Insurance and other related organizations (like IT, Insure-Tech, etc.) from within India as well as from other countries. Senior & Top Executives from IT – AI – Digital Technologies – Analytics, Marketing, Sales, Services, Claims, Financial Intelligence, Actuarial areas, from GI, HI, Re-Insurance organizations, Regulators, Insurance Information Bureau, Insure-Tech, etc.  Senior & Top Executives from any other organization interested in learning ‘Digital & AI Strategies’. 


This training will have proper blend of conceptual technological inputs, Best Practices, Executive Briefings, Case-Studies and Experiences Sharing.

Duration:       2 days

Dates:             06.11.2023 – 07.11.2023