Group insurance funded business is highly sensitive to the yields declared on various funds managed by the insurer. The marketing officials need to be aware how the funds collected are invested, so as to generate maximum returns to the customers while ensuring the protection of funds.  Therefore, it is imperative that the marketing officials should have a thorough understanding of these investments in the capital market. They also need to know how the capital markets function. With specific reference to LIC, the participants also need to be aware of historical constraints (legacy issues), which are a challenge while declaring the yield.

The course is designed to familiarize the participants about the concepts of investment in the capital market. The participants can have a comprehensive view of the different types of financial instruments which will enable them to bring a level of professional approach in their marketing pitch for group business. They should be made aware to develop the necessary professional etiquette to deal with corporate clients.  This in turn shall add value to the organization, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.


·         To understand types and pattern of investments of P&GS funds as per regulatory guidelines.

·         Understand the Structure of Capital Market and its functioning.

·         Understand the application of Financial Statements & Ratios

·         Understanding Annual Reports and Balance Sheets with respect to group business

·         Understand the impact of various investment instruments on long term/short term yields.

·         Develop professional etiquette.

·         Have a pathway to leverage the acquired knowledge for better business performance.



·         Current Economic Scenario across industries and across geographies

·         IRDAI (Investment Regulations) for P&GS Funds

·         Capital market functions, structure, types, and features- Impact on Yield

·         IFRS and its implications on Group Business and P&L

·         Income Tax provisions for Group Business

·         Professional Etiquettes

·         Valuation of Group Business – VNB, VNB Margins, Profits & EV 

 Participants’ Profile: P&GS Marketing Officials.

Nominations to be done by C.O. P&GS

Duration:  3 days      


        I.            06.07. 2023- 08.07.2023

      II.            17.08.2023 – 19.8.2023