Communication is a basic activity in life. The world today thrives on communication at all levels of existence. Effective Communication holds the key to success for any modern business as its operations grow and become increasingly competitive and complex. Presentations are means of effective communication. The importance of communication in the Insurance Industry is extremely important as the business is all about selling of an intangible product. Therefore, it is imperative to equip the Marketing Personnel of Insurance Industry with effective personal communication and presentation skills.


It is expected that after attending this programme, the Managers shall up-grade their communication skills and shed their inhibitions and negativity. They are also expected to identify, build and improve upon their professional image, enhance awareness towards their role in the Organisation and also overcome the barriers in communication. This course shall will help the Managers to become aware of their current level of communication and presentation skills while providing practice to develop more effective skills to present themselves better. It would also help them to overcome stage-fright and nervousness while facing a large audience. Digital communication has assumed high importance, especially during the pandemic and this will continue in the post-pandemic world. This course gives a roadmap so that the Managers can effectively use all forms of digital communication.




This programme aims:

  To provide an overview of Communication and the basic process of Communication

  To train the participants with Verbal and non-Verbal Communication Techniques

  To develop Confident Body Language

  To overcome the hindrances to Effective Communication

  To introduce the participants to effective Presentation Techniques

  To provide Self Awareness to the trainees in terms of understanding the difficulties faced by them while making presentations

  To equip participants in Negotiation Skills

  To develop participants in building Effective Interpersonal Relations

  To drive home the importance of Personal Grooming and Business Etiquettes

  Using Digital media for communications

  Effective Communication with Agents/DOs/Staff/ Customers & Seniors



         Basics of Communication                        - Verbal & Non-verbal Communication

         Emotional Intelligence                            - Ethical Communication

         Listening Skills                                        - Questioning skills

         Interpersonal Communication                 - Feedback skills

         Negotiation Skills                                    - Managing Meetings

         Effective Presentation Skills                   - Business Grooming

         Assertive & Positive Communication     - Business/Net Etiquette

         Leveraging social media                        - Digital Communication skills


Participants' Profile:

Newly Job rotated BMs/SBMs (In-charges) from SO/BO. Nominations to be done by respective ZO HRD.


Duration: 3 days               



        I.            24.04.2023-26.04.2023

     II.            19.06.2023-21.06.2023

  III.            07.08.2023- 09.08.2023

  IV.            20.09.2023-22.09.2023