The young and dynamic officers of L.I.C. of India who currently hold positions at the level of Assistant Branch Manager, Sales are the future torch bearers of the Corporation. It is essential that they are groomed to gain expertise in their job and to prepare them for future challenges and responsibilities.



At the end of the programme participants shall be able to:

  Analyse the various environmental factors and their impact on marketing.

  Develop competencies required for marketing in a competitive market-driven environment.

  Role Appreciation of ABM(Sales)

  Appreciate the need of multiple channels of distribution and their management.

  Understand the concepts of financial management.

  Understand the source and use of data for effective decision making (Data Management & Applications)

  Leverage technology for enhancement of performance

  Empower them with the knowledge of product development, valuation and other technical aspects of life insurance.

  Prepare officers for Senior Positions and empowering them for the same.

  Learn various aspects of interpersonal behaviour, Team management & Motivation.

  Learn the administrative roles of ABM(S)

  Effective Communication with Agents/DOs/Staff/ Customers & Seniors



Environmental scanning with special focus on macro changes:

  Global Insurance Scenario

  Latest Trends In Life Insurance

  Changing Customer Profile

  Competitor Intelligence


Life Insurance Marketing


  Issues in Insurance Marketing

  Distribution Channels and their management

  Digital marketing including social media marketing and E-commerce.

  Reaching out to Millennials

  Managing Plan & Product Presentations


Finance & Accounting


  Life fund and its management

  Convergence of financial markets

  Capital Markets




  Developing Leadership Competencies

  Team building

  Negotiation skills

  Personal Effectiveness

  Communication skills /Business etiquettes

  Presentation Skills

  Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

  Managing Meetings Effectively

  Handling Agents/DOs and other Marketing Channel partners


 Information Technology

  Data Analytics

  Fintech & InsureTech

  Latest IT/Marketing/CRM initiatives


Insurance - Technical

  Product Appreciation

  LIC in a listed environment

  Conducting Claims investigations effectively


 Participants Profile: 


         Assistant Branch Manager (Sales) working in SO/BO with at least one year in the present cadre

         The eligible officers to be nominated by respective Zonal HRD.


Duration:  5 days



        I.            17.04.2023- 21.04.2023

     II.            22.05.2023- 26.05.2023

  III.            05.06.2023- 09.06.2023

  IV.            17.07.2023-21.07.2023