Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet software in Insurance industry across departments. Microsoft has been continuously enhancing the features of Excel. Advanced Pivot Table, Advanced Charting & Visualizations, Advanced Functions, VBA Macros, Power Analytics features like Power Query - Power Pivot - Power View - Power Map, etc. in MS Excel are getting increasing popularity among Data Analysts and in Insurance industry. Innovatively, Excel can be used for Data Mining & Machine Learning also. Excel can be integrated with Power BI, with RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server & others, Web-sources, also with Microsoft Azure. Against this background, this hand-on training has been arranged.


Ø   Advanced Excel: Advanced Pivot Table, Advanced Charts & Visualizations, Power Map, Advanced Functions, Array Functions,

Ø  VBA Macros

Ø  Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View Using Excel

Ø  Professional Dashboards Development

Ø  Data Mining & Machine Learning by using Excel: Regression Techniques, logistic regression, k-nearest neighbors, naïve Bayes classification, decision trees, cross-validation, artificial neural network, k-means clustering, discriminant analysis, association analysis, text mining

Ø  Excel integration with RDBMS: Oracle / SQL-Server

Ø  Excel integration with Web

Ø  Hands-on Exercises, Project

 Participants’ Profile:

This training-course is open to entire General Insurance and other related organizations (like IT, Insure-Tech, etc.) from within India as well as from other countries. Officers / Executives / Managers or higher management from IT – AI – Digital Technologies – Analytics, Marketing, Sales, Services, Claims, Financial Intelligence, Actuarial areas, from GI, HI, Re-Insurance organizations, Regulators, Insurance Information Bureau, Brokers, Insure-Tech, etc.  Working employees from any other organization interested in learning ‘Advanced Excel’. Basic Excel operational knowledge & skills are assumed.


Hands-on training by using Excel, Excel Best Practices, Executive Briefings, Case-Studies and Experiences Sharing.

 Duration:       3 days


        I.            26.06.2023-28.06.2023

     II.            29.11.2023-01.12.2023

  III.            22.01.2024-24.01.2024