Claims has been a very important part of insurance servicing as the real litmus test takes place while settlement of claim. Marine being a very specialised class of business with Global recognition, it is more important to understand not only the policy coverages but also about marine Laws, maritime practices, trade, economies, culture, geographies, nature of commodities, mode of packing, transportation while dealing with different types of claims under marine cargo insurance. The entire training programme will not only focus on claims handling but also keep in minds various factors related to claims namely a) Understanding different types of losses under Marine cargo polices b) Survey, Adjustment investigation, and c) Arriving at the amount payable in different types of claims d) Recovery aspects and filing suits. Negotiation, monitoring and reducing claims costs is also a part of this training.

Claims management under Marine cargo includes both the aspects besides customer care which goes a long way in business retention and development. This programme is designed to cover the entire gamut of Claims Management - its role, service aspect, grievance redressal and customer satisfaction.


The programme aims to improve the participants

   Claims management in Marine Cargo Insurance

   Understanding Marine laws, various conventions related to Marine cargo Insurance and claims

   Understanding different types of claims under Marine cargo Insurance

   Knowing the processes, procedures, controls involved in Marine claim and measurement for different type of Claims

   Claims handling skills

   Communication and negotiation skills


   Claims Management in Marine cargo - Its importance

   Laws & Regulations governing Marine claims

   Claims processes, procedures, controls, used in Marine cargo claims

   Role of stakeholders in claims management

   Technology intervention and automation of claims

   Maritime Frauds & their management


Participants Profile 

Officials handling Marine cargo claims in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of  public & private sector General Insurance Companies.

Duration: 2 days

Dates: 31.08.2023-01.09.2023