The General Insurance Industry in India has been growing at a relatively good pace in the last decade.  Even during the years of the pandemic, there was positive growth.  Considering the overall potential of the market, companies have a very long way to go before a good percentage of the population is covered by general insurance. 

Even in this scenario, profitability of companies have been a concern, with many companies having underwriting losses, year after year.  This has had a severe impact on the overall operations of companies, and it is very clear that effective steps should be taken by these companies to ensure that they come back on the path of profitable operations at the earliest.  This would be the focus of this programme.



Ø  Insurance Accounts

Ø  Reading Financial Statements of General Insurance Company

Ø  Profit Drivers- Business Growth, Profit and Solvency

Ø  Regulatory Aspects – Accounting, Investment and Solvency

Ø  Underwriting and Solvency

Ø  Pricing

Ø  Claims, reserving and Profits

Ø  Use of Technology as tool for Improving the quality of underwriting


The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:


§  Effective underwriting management of lines of business like fire, motor, health, misc. etc.

§  Effective claims management of lines of business like fire, motor, health, misc. etc.

§  Use of technology in underwriting and claims management

§  Marketing strategies to tap profitable new business

§  Business growth and pricing and it’s impact on solvency

Participants’ Profile: Branch Office and DO I/C, Dept. Heads from RO / HO of Non-Life Companies

Duration: 3 Days


     I.            29.05.2023-31.05.2023

     II.            20.09.2023-22.09.2023