Traditionally insurance industry in India and globally has carried the reputation of being an underperforming and conservative industry with little concern for the customer. Now all that is changing with the advent of Insuretech and Digital Transformation (DT) movement. The pandemic has way accelerated these efforts as companies move in the direction of contactless experience.

 Some companies have moved ahead of their peers by adopting cutting edge technologies, new ways of collaboration and focusing on the customer. As a result, they have attracted significant amounts of capital from local and foreign investors. The future is clearly digital, and this has given rise to new rules of competition that digitally savvy organizations are riding.

 The most prominent technologies used by such companies are those of AI/ML/DL, Analytics especially Predictive, IoT and Cloud and APIs. The days of on-premise server rooms and massive IT teams to manage software are long gone, evolving into a touchless environment that leverages best-of-breed technologies.

 Digital companies are fundamentally relooking at insurance, its purpose, the way it is produced, marketed, sold and serviced. It is important to review the advantages and disadvantages of digital model.

 Some of the technologies that enable digital transformation in insurance include Analytics, Mobile apps, Cloud computing, Automation, AI, Internet of Things (IoT). APIs

 The assumption about technology is that progress comes fast but the latest findings reveal that the human and organizational aspects of digital transformation are often more important than the technological ones. However modern technology is still required to digitally transform an organization. At the base of a digitally transformed organization is data and people transformation.


The programme aims to provide an understanding of the business context for Digital Technology; various technologies available and how they are being leveraged for delivering superior customer experience  


 Ø   Business Context for Digital Technology: New Market Place

Ø   Analytics

Ø   Automation and AI in Insurance

Ø   ML and DL in Insurance

Ø   IOT in Insurance

Ø   Telematics for Motor Insurance

Ø   Mobile Apps

Ø   Digital Marketing

Participants’ Profile: Officials in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of General Insurance companies.

 Duration:       2 Days

 Dates:             26.10.2023-27.10.2023