With the advent of globalization and privatization the country has opened its doors for diverse business organizations. The business environment has become extremely competitive and has led to increasing competitive pressures to provide superior quality service and products, in turn aggravating the pressure to perform on employees.

The employee burnout rate is immense and is spiralling. But the agony does not end here rather the socio- demographic trends have initiated the diversity of workforce with dual career couples. The joint family structure has given way to nuclear families that has added to the familial and societal responsibility to the individuals profile as a working professional. This often leads to the work-family conflict affecting the job attitudes.

It is important to comprehend the interface between professional and personal lives. Work-life integration is considered simply as a flexibility between professional and personal life.

Work-life integration is changing job attitudes like job satisfaction and organizational commitment which helps to foster the organizational citizenship behaviour.


          To make participants understand the concept & importance of Work-life balance and work-life integration.

  To help the participants to understand the personal & Organizational benefits of the work-life integration.

  To make the participants learn Prioritization, making smart goals & staying flexible

  To help participants in making personality corrections by self-assessment




  Understanding Concept of work-life integration and work-life balance.

  Benefits of Health Balance

  Managing Time Effectively through Distraction management

  Learning to say No when you need to say No.

  Self-Management Skills

  Stress Management

  Refuelling & Wellness Strategies

  Resilience Skills

  Setting of Smart Goals

  Attention Management

  Case Studies & Self-Assessment exercises


  Participants Profile:


Officials in the cadres of AO/ADM/DM from BO/DO/ZO/CO to be nominated by respective Zonal HRD and CO HRD


Duration:  2 days



        I.            22.06.2023- 23.06.2023

     II.            17.08.2023-18.08.2023

  III.            14.12.2023-15.12.2023

  IV.            11.03.2024-12.03.2024