Corporate insurance is a provision through which organisations take insurance cover for their assets, employees, and liability. We also observe that insurance requirements coming from these corporates are handled by specialist officers in dedicated manner posted at corporate offices.


Officials handling corporate clients should not only have exclusive technical knowledge but should be skilled enough to handle toughest situation. Most of the corporate houses have their dedicated Brokers who interact with the insurance officials.


Insurance officials not only handle corporate clients who have enormous information and knowledge of insurance products, but also handle the expert Brokers.


This is a specially drafted programme which gives a holistic 360O view of the entire ecosystem of skills required for handling corporate clients and maintaining relationships with Brokers.


This programme is aimed to provide a detailed insight into business handling skills with corporate clients as well as Brokers.


This programme aims to give participants a comprehension look at

Ø    Market distribution of corporate business vs retail business

Ø    Marketing Vs Technical Skills – How to blend Perfectly

Ø    Insurers — Brokers—Insured – Relationship

Ø    How to use digital platform for optimum benefits

Ø    Soft Skills – EQ VS IQ

Ø    Communication Skills

Ø    Expectations of Corporate client and our delivery

Ø    Skill sets to handle brokers


Ø    General Insurance  - Indian scenario

Ø    Our strength in handling corporate customers

Ø    Corporate customer .. responses

Ø    Technical knowledge and how to improve it on regular basis

Ø    Soft skills – Communication ,

Ø    Value Delivery-- Improving our Methodology in delivering as per the expectation of     the corporate clients-

Ø    Managing Conflict of interest

Ø    Digital Marketing – The game changer

Ø    Handling Brokers  - Challenges and opportunities

Participants’ Profile:

Officials working in Corporate offices. Officials from Head office, Regional offices handling marketing department. Relationship managers in corporate offices

Duration: 2 days

Dates: 03.08.2023-04.08.2023