Traditionally, there has hardly been any underwriting motor insurance business. Rates are based on static parameters including cubic capacity, place of registration of vehicleMotor Insurance (OD & TP) is the largest segment of General Insurance business in India. Though the motor business forms a large part of the overall insurance, the fact remains, that it is also a large contributor to underwriting losses.  The segment has potential for further growth, given the fact, that about 60 to 70 percent of the vehicles plying on Indian roads are uninsured. 

A major challenge is that motor insurance has become highly commoditized with insurers offering identical products and nearly similar claims service. The point of differentiation for insurers is thus only based on price, leading to a pricing death spiral. Hence the way the Company underwrites the motor portfolio, will have a significant bearing on both top line and bottom line of the Company.  

The role of underwriters must significantly change if insurers are to modernize their operations and infrastructure to avoid the race to the bottom and meet enhanced customer expectations. For practical and strategic reasons alike, underwriters have a clear and urgent opportunity to build their own future and also shape the future of the industry as a whole. And, as the saying goes, the future is now.


The programme aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the motor insurance underwriting


         Emerging Imperatives for a Motor Underwriter

         Laws & Regulations on Motor Insurance  

         Anatomy of Automobile from an underwriting perspective

         Anatomy of Electric Motor Vehicle from an underwriting perspective

         Highlights of Indian Motor Insurance Tariff: GR&IMTs

         Underwriting Pvt Car, Two Wheeler, Commercial Vehicle, Motor Trade

         Reinsurance in Motor Insurance

         Synergy with claims for effective underwriting

         Innovative Motor Insurance  Solutions

         Digitalizing Underwriting   

         Attitudinal Strength of a motor underwriter


 Participantsí Profile

Officials handling Motor underwriting, claims posted in Head Office, Regional Offices, Motor Hubs, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies

 Duration: 2 Days


        I.            17.08.2023-18.08.2023

     II.            19.10.2023-20.10.2023

  III.            11.03.2024-12.03.2024