Getting the message across in simple and rational manner is the key to growth and success in today's increasingly competitive and complex business environment. The ease and clarity of communication with colleagues and customers will also help in building rapport and better relationships resulting in business excellence. This workshop focuses on understanding the dynamics of communication, upgrading and developing effective communication skills, shedding inhibitions, and building confidence for growth. The workshop involves experiential exercises, role plays, and video aided sessions.



     To acquaint participants with Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication techniques and develop confident body language.

     To develop and improve listening skills.

     To ensure rapport building and effective interpersonal relations.

     To effectively deal with difficult people and situations.


     Fundamentals of Business Communication

     Business Etiquette, Netiquette, Executive Presence

     Assertive communication

     Body Language

     Listening Skills

     Interpersonal communication

     Managing Meetings

Participant's Profile: Middle level executives

Duration: 3 days

Dates: 01.11.2023-03.11.2023