Solvency is not limited to keeping sufficient margin of realisable assets over expected liabilities.   Regulators and other stakeholders the world over are concerned that the Insurers have the financial strength to fulfil the promises they make.   Solvency Regulations  and Capital Requirements demand a sound system of assessing an insurance company’s assets, liabilities, reserves, capital adequacy and a host of such other factors.   The components of capital adequacy are complex and dynamic.  This programme proposes to study the drivers of Solvency and how to formulate business strategies and integrate them with solvency requirements.  By attending this course, the participants would get a more holistic view of capital and liability management in the insurance industry and better understand how individual decisions on business growth, pricing and claim reserving, in the aggregate, could have an impact on Solvency.   The course would guide the participants to be better at capital and solvency management.


·         General insurance solvency – regulatory framework

·         Understanding general insurance financial statements

·         Profitability and solvency drivers

·         Impact of claims management on solvency

·         Impact of underwriting and pricing on solvency

·         Solvency scenario analysis

·         Actuarial aspects of reserving

Participants’ Profile:-

Scale IV and above, who are in operations or in controlling offices. 

Duration: 3 days

Dates: 03.01.2024- 05.01.2024