Digital Landscape is a collection of man-created spaces in the digital world. It is a collective name for websites, email, social networks, mobile devices (tablets, iPhones, smartphones, videos etc.). These tools help businesses in selling their products or services.

Digital technology along with insure-tech, like in every area of operation, is driving massive changes in the insurance sector also.  For Insurers the changing landscape has led to a flurry of technological advancements. The new digital technologies are changing the way insurers engage with the customers during the policy period.

The future of insurance is Digital. The winners will be those organisations that apply digital technologies to be connected, to be analytic & to be agile. The digital era is set to radically transform the insurance industry, not only changing existing business models but also creating new opportunities for profitable growth. Digital is not simply a new distribution channel. Digital offers an entirely new way of doing business, affecting all strategic & functional areas.

The covid pandemic has greatly accelerated the process of adoption of digital technologies by every sector of the economy as well as the consumers. Life Insurance Industry also has embraced this technology and in future this trend is expected to continue .


1.      To understand the evolving Digital Landscape in the Life Insurance Industry globally.

2.      To have Insights of the Digital Trends in Life Insurance Industry in India.

3.      To understand Digital disruption and Transformation in Life Insurance sector in India

4.      To understand the benefits of digitization for all stakeholders in the Life Insurance industry in India.

5.      Understand the long term trend of ‘digital’ as a way of life

Contents: -

1.      Overview of Digital Trends in Life insurance globally and in India

2.      Advantages of adopting digitisation over conventional methods of transaction of Insurance. 

3.      Strategies for digital transformation.

4.      Dynamics of consumer buying behaviour with changing digital landscape.

5.      Leveraging digital landscape for effective customer engagement.

6.      Data Analytics

7.      SEO/SEM & Social Media marketing

8.      Digital campaign & AI marketing

9.      New paradigm in Insurance Distribution

10.  Digital data flows – IoT, Wearables & other Connected Devices

11.  Insure-tech

12.  Virtual world

Participants Profile: 

Officers in the cadre of Administrative Officers and above working in the BO/ Divisional/Zonal Offices/Central Office to be nominated by the respective HRDs.

Duration:   3 days


        I.            29.05.2023- 31.05.2023

     II.            11.12.2023-13.12.2023

  III.            11.03.2024-13.03.2024