Data Analytics in Insurance Business Management is becoming increasingly important. The use of sophisticated data analysis tools and techniques have become extremely essential to ensure data-driven planning and decision making in business development process and CRM.

Excel is becoming to be one of the most widely used spreadsheet software tools in the insurance industry. It is now possible to develop dynamic dashboards by using excel for better customer management and customer engagement. This program provides hands-on practical based insight in Analytical CRM.


  At the end of the programme the participants shall be able to:

  Appreciate Importance of Data Analytics

  Understand Data Analytics: CRM & IT Perspectives

  Understand Data Analytics Types

  Appreciate importance of Data Analytics Best Practices

  Know Data Analytics Tools & Techniques for Data-Driven CRM by using Excel and related tools

  Customer Life Time Vale (CLTV)

  Cluster Analysis for Customer Segmentation

  Association Mining

  Regression-based Forecasting

  Classification-based Predictive Analytics

  Simulation based Predictive Analytics

  Customer Lead Management System (CLMS), Customer Conversion Optimization


Program Contents:


  Data Analytics: CRM & IT Perspectives

  Excel-based Data Analysis Tool Pack

  Excel-based Cluster Analysis for Customer Segmentation

  Excel-based Association Mining

  Regression-based Forecasting by using Excel

  Excel-based Simulation for Customer Predictive Analytics

  Classification-based Predictive Analytics by using Data Mining Software-Tool

  Customer Conversion Optimization

  Best Practices of Data Analytics for CRM

  Big Data Analytics  and AI for CRM,


       Excel operational knowledge & skills are assumed.


  Participants Profile:


Administrative Officers in the IT and CRM Depts. in Central Office

Nomination by CO-HRD in consultation with CO-IT and CO-CRM Departments


Duration      3 Days


Dates:             05.02.2024-07.02.2024