Globally, insurance frauds are a major challenge for insurers. Left unchecked, it can distort profitability of insurers and also increase insurance prices causing significant consumer detriment. Ultimately, this can adversely affect the competitive position of players. Frauds can exist at various points of the insurance value chain. They are also deeply linked to the operational risk profile of insurers.

The estimated value of insurance frauds in India for Life and General Insurance combined is more than 20,000 crore.  Motor insurance frauds account for a major share of claims outgo, thereby impacting the bottom-line of insurance companies.  It is, therefore, imperative for insurers to have a robust fraud management system covering the entire insurance value chain.


This programme aims to facilitate the participants to


   Gain insight into fraud and its implication for motor portfolio

   Understand the sources of frauds

   Understand patterns of, and steps for, prevention

   Minimize the impact of frauds

   Use of analytics in detecting & managing motor insurance frauds


  Fraud and its impact on Motor portfolio

  Classification of frauds

  Identification of key areas and pattern of fraud

  Detection of frauds - Fraud triggers / Red flags

  Frauds in underwriting, claims

  Fraud Investigation

  Technology intervention in fraud management

  Fraud analytics - Impact on decision making

  Role of law enforcing agencies in curbing frauds 

  Creating a framework for managing frauds

  Fine-tuning claims strategy

  Participants Profile 

Officials handling Motor Insurance; Officials in analytics department in Head Office, Regional Offices, Motor Hubs, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies.

  Duration:  2 Days



     I.            06.07.2023-07.07.2023

     II.            21.12.2023-22.12.2023