Having trusted and mutually beneficial relationship with Brokers is of paramount importance for Insurance companies today than before. Strong alliances with brokers enable Insurers to serve the customers, particularly commercial and corporate customers, much better. This is due to the reason that brokers offers many valuable advantages to both insurers and customers. At a time when insurers experience greater complexity in risk assessment and risk mitigation practices, customers’ demands for customized and upgraded services, it is crucial for insurance executives to develop and sustain strong Insurer-Broker Relationships. In this context, the programme is designed to address the following objectives.


Ø  To understand the advancements in Broker Channel Management practices

Ø  To understand and acquire various skillsets and the cognitive tools to help manage effective relationship with broker channel


Ø  Understand Broker’s business and risk management philosophy

Ø  Brokers obligations to Insurance regulations relating to products, intermediaries and policyholders

Ø  Handling objections and Negotiations with Brokers and Clients

Ø  Customizing products through Brokers and Clients

Ø  Aligning the policy services through Brokers

Ø  Developing relations with Brokers and Clients

Ø  Enhancing the value proposition through brokers

Ø  Specialized  product training and client servicing

Ø  Brokers’ training and Development

Pedagogy: Presentation and Case Studies, Group Discussion and Group Presentation

Participant’s Profile: Insurance Executives handling Brokers

Duration: 2 days


        I.            01.06.2023-02.06.2023

     II.            11.01.2024-12.01.2024