Cyber Risks are on the rise. There is not going to be a reverse trend in that due to increasing business dependence on Cyber Systems including IT and other digital infrastructure & vulnerabilities in Cyber Systems. Even for customers (and society at large), cyber platforms have become essential part of daily life. Due to this, there is increasing awareness and demand for protection against Cyber Risk and Cyber Liabilities. Cyber Risk Management also helps in ERM (Enterprise Risk Management). General Insurance industry has started providing insurance solutions against these risks to their retail and corporate clients, though a lot more work needs to be done by working closely with client industries to understand their cyber risk protection requirements. In this context, this Workshop has been arranged to bring together Cyber Risk Protection providers and various client industries.

Workshop Objectives:

  To understand and appreciate importance of Cyber Risk Universe to Insurance industry

  To understand Cyber Insurance Value Chain

  To understand Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Insurance Product Development, Policy Wordings, etc. in existing Cyber Products

  To develop necessary knowledge and skills in Cyber Risk Assessment & related modeling aspects

  To provide understand the nature of Cyber Liabilities in every changing Cyber World and understand related legal, international practices and regulatory aspects

  Workshop Contents:

  Understanding Cyber Risk Universe

  Cyber Risk Management Methods, Best Practices & Standards

  Cyber Risk Assessment Methods

  Cyber Risk Modeling & Analytics

  Study of Cyber Insurance Products available

  Cyber Laws, EU-GDPR, DPA.

  Cyber Underwriting

  Cyber Claims Handling


Participants Profile:


Officers in the cadre of Assistant Divisional Managers and above working in the IT departments in Divisional Office, Zonal Offices & Central Office.


Duration: 3 days


Dates: 04.03.2024-06.03.2024