The current era is regarded as the era of information.  The RTI Act. 2005 is a significant milestone in this scenario.  The coming into effect of the Act has facilitated free flow of information. It has helped in strong corporate governance and to strengthen the democratic fabric of the country.  This has also developed accountability in the decision-making process.

This programme would give a brief overview of the act and the development thereof, with necessary obligatory responsibility of the organisations. This program has been devised to help individuals to handle RTI applications as per the law and keep the organisation’s reputation unblemished.


Ø  To impart knowledge about the provisions of RTI to the participants that shall include interaction with the experts from the industry.

Ø  To make the participants aware of their responsibilities as CPIO/Alternate CPIO.

Ø  To provide a complete overview of RTI provisions, court decisions and CIC judgements.


Ø  Overview of RTI Act.

Ø  Role and responsibilities of CAPIOs/CPIOs/ALTERNATE CPIOs/DEEMED CPIOs

Ø  Processes and systems to be followed by public offices for effective implementation of the RTI act.

Ø  Landmark judgements by Hon’ble Courts & Case Studies of cases decided by CIC pertaining to Life Insurance.

Ø  Dos and Don’ts for CPIO/Alt. CPIO and Appellate Authorities for keeping the organisation penalty free.

Ø  Safeguarding organisational interests while complying with RTI


Participants’ Profile:  


CPIO & Alternate CPIO officials who have freshly joined (AO/ADM/DM)

To be nominated by CO / Zonal HRD.


Duration: 2 Days


        I.            22.06.2023-23.06.2023

     II.            13.07.2023-14.07.2023

  III.            27.12.2023-28.12.2023

  IV.            15.01.2024- 16.01.2024