Financial literacy - a combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior -  necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual ‘financial well-being' is increasingly being recognized as an essential life skill.

As globalization and digital technologies make financial products easily accessible, financial literacy has become one of the major challenges for countries around the world. Globally, the youth are becoming financial consumers early in their lives than ever before and making financial decisions (credit cards, education loans) that can have lasting consequences if not well managed. To connect with the millennials and other group of customers it has become mandatory for executives of financial institutions to have a clear understanding and knowledge of the financial world and its various dimensions.

Learning Objectives:

This program has been developed to impart sufficient understanding of the financial investments, financial systems and the relevant regulation thereof, to all those officers who have not exposed working on the finance and departments in the offices of LIC.  It shall also enhance the capability of the officers to evaluate the relative differences in the yields expected on these competitive opportunities and thus improve their effectiveness in their respective area of operation.


Ø  Economic Scenario (Pre-pandemic and post pandemic)

Ø  Financial statement analysis/Critical ratios

Ø  Financial arithmetic

Ø  Understanding financial markets, institutions, intermediaries, products

Ø  Insurance investments and Regulatory Provisions

Ø  ULIPs and Mutual Funds

Ø  Listing of companies and embedded value.

Ø  Financial Planning/Personal Financial Planning

Ø  Insurance Accounts/IND-AS/GAAP/IFRS & Solvency in Life Insurance

Ø  Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements


Participants’ Profile:  


All Non-finance Officials in admin & marketing in the cadres AAO/AO/ADM from SO/BO/Divisional Offices, Zonal Offices and Central Office with residual service at least 5 years.

The officers working in the SO/BO/DO and zonal offices to be nominated by HRD department of Zonal Offices.

The officers working in Central Office to be nominated by CO HRD on the recommendations of concerned CO HODs. 


Duration: 4 days



        I.            22.05.2023- 25.05.2023

     II.            12.06.2023- 15.06.2023

  III.            26.06.2023- 29.06.2023

  IV.            10.07.2023-13.07.2023

    V.            03.10.2023-06.10.2023

  VI.            16.10.2023-19.10.2023

VII.            22.01.2024-25.01.2024

VIII.            20.02.2024-23.02.2024