The financial sector has been witnessing increasing number of frauds leading to losses to companies to the tune of thousands of crores.  The nature of frauds has also undergone changes in tune with changes in the composition of the society, attitude of the people, improved technology etc.  Cyber Crime has gained much ascendance in the last few years.  The insurance sector is no exemption to the frauds that are taking place in the financial sector.


The frauds that have been perpetrated have raised doubts on Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Auditors role, Regulators role etc.  Hence every stakeholder needs to be alert and play his/her role effectively and help companies to detect such frauds.


IRDAI regulations and organisational guidelines on detecting and preventing Insurance frauds need to percolate to bottom of the pyramid so that there is an organisational fight against this organised crime.




  To learn about Insurance Fraud scenario in our country

  To learn about IRDAI regulations and corporate guidelines for Fraud mitigation

  To learn about Fraud detection and prevention tools

  Educating participants about the potential areas of frauds

  Introduction to cybercrime and cyber laws




  Fraud Scenario in Insurance sector (worldwide)

  IRDAI Corporate Governance Guidelines

  Regulatory Framework for prevention of Insurance frauds

  Risk Management Systems and processes

  Role of internal operating procedures in preventing frauds.

  Cyber frauds threats (Role of technology and social media)

  Money Laundering in Insurance including AML/CFT/FATKA,

  Intelligence and Investigating tools & techniques in insurance Frauds.

  Principles of Insurance & analysis of Claims Processing Procedure & Insurance Fraud

  Role of internal audit & inspection in detecting and preventing frauds.

  Forensic Audit

  Data Mining & Analytics in Fraud Mitigation

  IT Act 2000/2008

  Information Security (Policies & Safeguards)

  Anti-Fraud Policy of LIC

  Whistle blower policy & Integrity Pact

  Case studies and group discussion

  Role of an Claim Investigating Officer


  Participants Profile-


Manager (Claims), Manager (O.S.), Manager (CRM), Manager (F&A) & Manager (P&IR) to be nominated by the respective Zonal HRDs

Faculty Members of ZTCs and MDC to be nominated by respective ZO HRD and CO HRD


Duration-  3 days



        I.            02.05.2023-04.05.2023

     II.            25.09.2023-27.09.2023

  III.            25.10.2023-27.10.2023

  IV.            22.01.2024-24.01.2024