Agriculture production is susceptible to climatic as well as non-climatic fluctuations. With the increased aberrations and changes in the behaviour of nature, farmers have been continuously experiencing drought and floods resulting in considerable crop losses. The traditional methods of risk management adopted by the farmers are not adequate to cope with this changed scenario. At times, even the Government finds it difficult to provide adequate financial support to compensate the loss. Hence the role of insurers in providing Agriculture Insurance especially crop insurance (PMFBY), has assumed great significance in providing indemnity to the farmers. The recent past saw the development of techniques like weather based insurance, satellite imagery in addition to the crop cutting methods. With the support of Government, crop insurance business has become one of the largest contributing premium of 27624 crore during FY 2018-19. Though the premium is huge, the claim incidences are also big, posing challenges for insurers to make the portfolio, yield a reasonable margin. Crop insurance is also an important way to make rural India aware of insurance and increase insurance penetration 


To discuss and explore the problems and prospects of crop insurance in India and other countries. To look into the role of government in implementing various crop insurance schemes. Understand the operational challenges of the portfolio and prepare suitable strategies to cope with the challenges as well as improving the penetration is highly imperative for the insurers



   Salient Features and U/W of PMFBY Scheme

   Revised Operational Guidelines of the PMFBY Scheme, 2020

   Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) & Horticulture Insurance

   Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) & Yield Estimation

   Process of Clustering and Tendering of the Scheme

   Role of Government in Implementation of the Scheme

   Pricing of Crop Insurance

   Role of Technology including AWS, Satellite Images, Sensors and Drones in U/W and Loss Assessment

   Claims Settlement Process including Individual Loss Assessment

   Role of Intermediaries in improving the penetration of Crop Insurance

   Field Visit to Agricultural Farms for understanding Crop Cutting


Participants Profile 

Executives of Insurance Companies dealing with Crop Insurance and allied rural insurance product and Reinsurance, Government Officials dealing in Crop, Banks, NABARD, Micro Finance Organizations, Micro Insurance Institutions, Market Intermediaries, Service Providers, NGOs and Corporates engaged In Agricultural Development / Farmers Welfare

Duration: 4 days



    I.            24.07.2023-27.07.2023

     II.            11.09.2023-14.09.2023