The Legal Officers in any organisation are responsible for monitoring the legal affairs within their organization. They are required to handle both internal and external legal concerns and are tasked to keep their organization out of legal trouble. In order to keep the Managers & Officers of the Legal department abreast with the latest developments in the legal area as well as to equip them with the latest managerial skills training of the officers is the need of the time.

  Learning Objectives:

         To enhance professional effectiveness of the officers, address real time legal and litigation challenges.

  To help participants in learning the skills of legal mindfulness, sharpening skills to deal with legal adversities and help them to become more resilient and positive.

  To make participants aware of lack of focus, legal wisdom, responsibility preferences like human aspects, which leave a large gap in the effective performance.

  To transform them in the line of their legal duties with organisation wants.

  To sensitise the legal officials on all counts including personal, professional and fiscal, for an effective service delivery.


Programme Contents:


  IRDAI Act and Regulations, Protection of Policy holders Interest Regulations-2017

  LIC Act 1956 (including latest amendments) and related Rules & regulations

  IRDAI Advertisement & Disclosure Regulations 2000.

  Consumer Protection Act. 2019---Rules and Regulations

  The Insurance Laws Amendment Act- 2015 with reference to Sec.38,39 & 45

  Law of Evidence, Evidence relating to Consumer Cases, Digital Evidence

  Major Provisions of Civil Procedure Code, Execution, Attachment of policy proceeds in the face of PMLA and other Acts.

  Res-judicata and Cr.P. Code Provisions relating to Sec.138, Law relating to Bails etc.

  Important Case Studies on Consumer matters (Life Insurance related and Important Judgements How to read & interpret-To discuss landmark judgements)

  Group discussion & Brainstorming on Consumer cases.

  Estate matters & Civil cases

  Handling Insurance frauds & Cybercrime cases

  PP Act

  Personnel/Employee related litigations.

  Out of court settlement

  Quiz on various legal topics


Participants Profile:


Manager Legal/ Officers from the Legal Department working in Divisional Offices and Zonal offices to be nominated by HRDs of respective Zones.

Officers working in Central Office to be nominated by Central Office Legal Dept.


Duration: 5 Days