InsureTech is the new disruption in the insurance industry-both in marketing and customer service. Insurance Companies are fast adapting to this change and making it possible for them to reach out to potential customers at the micro level.  Added to this, the millennials are setting the rules of the game as never before that is posing a heavy challenge for insurance companies.

The marketing officials need to constantly innovate themselves at the product level and at the distribution level to be relevant and to grow.


  The participants will have an overall understanding on the

  Global Marketing trends in Life products

  The competitors, their products and their marketing strategies

  Marketing bounds

  Target identification

  Best practices across the globe

  Develop awareness of the concerns, issues and challenges of a dynamic market

  Enrich his skill level as a line manager.

  Develop the required proficiency in managing resources for optimal results


Course contents:

         LIC in the listed environment

  Opportunities in the future financial markets

  Trends in Life Insurance Marketing in India and Globally

  Impact of Fin Tech and Insure Tech in Life Insurance

  Market segmentation Changes in   approach

  Competitor / Competitive intelligence

  Emerging trends in Customer Engagement

  Getting the best of the distribution channels

  Data analytics and predictive marketing

  Blue Ocean Theory

  Leveraging opportunities in Women Segment

  Marketing of and discussions on ULIP, Pension, Micro-insurance and Health insurance

  IRDAI Guidelines relevant to marketing of different types of products 

  Communication Skills

  Marketing Strategies

   Innovation and Creativity

   Leadership Skills

   Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

   Market Intelligence

   Inter-Personal Relations & Team Building

  Customer Engagement

  Business Ethics

  Digital & Social Media Marketing

  Team Building

  Brand Management

  Tax aspect - HUF & MWP act

  Behavioral aspects pertinent to branch stake holders and other relevant groups


Participants profile: Sr Branch Managers and Branch Managers of SO/BO to be nominated by the HRD Departments of Zonal Offices.


Duration:  5 days




        I.            17.04.2023-21.04.2023

     II.            08.05.2023- 12.05.2023

  III.            17.07.2023- 21.07.2023

  IV.            16.10.2023-20.10.2023

    V.            20.11.2023-24.11.2023

  VI.            05.02.2024-09.02.2024