Digital Marketing is making a big impact on all businesses and insurance is no different. People adopting to new technology and ability of companies to leverage it is the new benchmark.

The marketplace has turned virtual and the technological developments are catching up with this shift in the marketplace. The tendency to avoid intermediaries using comparison sites and to take decisions based on peer reviews is the new normal. New age marketing is about marketing in the emerging dynamic scenario.

The rapidly evolving fintech industry is changing the traditional ways of doing financial business and their marketing efforts are primarily in the virtual world.

The covid pandemic has greatly accelerated the process of adoption of digital marketing by all the companies belonging to every sector of economy. Life Insurance Industry is no exception to this trend which is expected to continue in some form post-pandemic.


An introduction to the concepts of new age marketing and practices

         Benefits of using social media marketing

  Developing, implementing and evaluating a digital marketing campaign.

  Market intelligence

  Emerging customer expectations

  Digital media and Customer engagement

  Predictive business analytics

  Emerging Fintech and Insuretech scenario

  Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic

  LIC in the listed environment




  Global Trends in Life Insurance Marketing

  LIC in the listed environment and Emerging Trends in financial markets and Insuretech

  E-Marketing Strategies

  Digital & Social Media marketing

  Digital marketing campaign & its evaluation 

  Consumer buying behaviour with changing digital landscape.

  Leveraging Digital landscape for customer engagement

  Market Intelligence/Competitor Intelligence

  Data analytics and predictive marketing

  Data security & integrity

  Block Chain, Big Data analysis, AI/ML


Participants Profile:

  All Chief Managers/SBMs/BMs in charges of SOs/BOs to be nominated by HRD Depts. of Zonal Offices.

       Duration:  4 days


        I.            03.07.2023-06.07.2023

     II.            03.10.2023-06.10.2023