The consumer land scape is in a state of flux as consumers have become tech savvy, more environmentally conscious and obsessed with looking at tiny screens. At the same time the Indian life insurance industry is going through a transformation phase, driven by innovation, rising customer expectations, and increasing digitalization. The single biggest challenge for insurers is to gauge and use technology as enabler to refine customer offerings and operational efficiencies.


The success or the failure of any organization depends on its relationship with their customers. For an organization to sustain in todays fast evolving competitive world, they have to focus on not only acquiring the new customers but also on retaining and generating cost effective new business from their existing customers.


The most influencing factor for enterprise profitability today is good customer experience, as it has a direct influence on both customer growth and customer retention. The need of the hour is customized solutions and personalized experiences as CX has become a game changer to retain customer loyalty. In a service industry, customers work as PR consultants for the organization. It is therefore imperative for an organization to build a customer centric & sensitive work force.




At the end of the program, the participants would be able to

  Understand the current market environment and its implications.

  Insights into market trends, customer needs and potential gaps

  Understand the CRM concepts, strategies & technologies and how to leverage them for customer retention.

  Give all customers-Millennials and beyond what they want.




  Evolving Markets

  Cutting edge technology in Customer Service

  Industry Analysis and Competitor Intelligence

  CRM Concepts

  Expanding range of value-added services to optimize customer experience

  Customer Profitability and Lifetime Value

  Case Study in Customer Service

  Service Quality themes in CRM

  Analytics for CRM

  Technological tools for CRM

  Implementing CRM

  Learn best practices from customer centric businesses.

  Breaking barriers in Mobile Customer Onboarding

  Preparing for the customer of the future, beyond the Pandemic

  Emerging Marketing Trends in Life Insurance

  Post IPO and Challenges in future financial markets

  Assignment Magnets with Competitors (Life Insurance Companies)

  Customer Engagement


Participants Profile:


AOs/ Assistant Secretary/ Secretary (CRM Dept.) of Zonal Office & AOs/Manager (CRM) of Divisional Offices to be nominated by respective HRD Depts.


Duration: 5 days 



        I.            22.05.2023- 26.05.2023

     II.            12.06.2023- 16.06.2023

  III.            26.06.2023- 30.06.2023

  IV.            15.01.2024-19.01.2024