Retail Insurance has been gaining importance as a growth driver for the Indian Insurance Market.  However in spite of its significance and growth potential, currently it is witnessing low sales and low penetration levels. The programme, therefore, intends to take a comprehensive view of the Retail Insurance market starting with the emerging trends, issues and challenges in the way of expanding the market to various prospects of value creation for its stakeholders. This way the programme aims to cater to the needs of the current and aspiring executives/managers in gaining knowledge and expertise in a wide range of productivity enhancement areas to improve penetration and competitive advantage.


   Equip participants with knowledge of latest trends in Retail Insurance including innovative products and technological disruption.

   Develop awareness about the recent regulatory changes relating to retail insurance products and intermediaries.

   Formulate business strategies for sustainable growth and profitability of the retail insurance portfolio. 


  Latest Trends in Retail Insurance Market.

  Need of Product Innovation and technological disruption in retail insurance business

  Developments in Regulatory Environment and implications on retail insurance business.

  Effective Distribution Channel Management for retail insurance products including new distribution channels.

  Understanding the changing customer needs and their complex buying behaviour.

  Developing suitable marketing strategies for sustainable retail insurance business

  Aligning the Marketing Communication with retail insurance products appropriate positioning strategy.


Pedagogy: Presentation and Case Studies, Group Discussion and Group Presentation

 Participants Profile: Sales and Marketing Executives (DM/BMs) of General Insurance Companies engaged in retail insurance business.

 Duration: 3 days


         I.            28.08.2023-30.08.2023

     II.            06.11.2023-08.11.2023