Businesses are fast evolving and increasingly being exposed to potential liabilities from various stakeholders.  With more and more stringent legislation, regulations, the compliance on the part of the entities is increasing. In the last five years, there have been several instances of product recall. Companies expanding their businesses in various geographies specially USA & Canada are exposed to huge risks as the laws prevalent are stringent.  Of late Directors & Officers are facing huge liabilities in terms of security claims, defence cost and employment practices. Cases of professionals are being held liable for negligence is on the rise.  Cyber-attacks and liability, though emerging can have severe ramifications for entities.  Given the current trends of high liability awards, companies, firms and professionals can no longer afford to stay uninsured.



The programme aims to equip participants with knowledge of -

§  Emerging landscape

§  Trends in awards

§  Underlying risk of different liabilities

§  Coverages, exclusions, clauses & extensions of different liability products

§  Underwriting & Claims management



·         Overview of liability insurance

·         Essentials of Legal liability, Tort and strict liability

·         Loss Exposures and Risk Management

·         Public liability Act Policy, Public liability policy industrial & Non-industrial, Product liability, Product recall

·         Commercial General Liability

·         Director & Officers’ Liability

·         PI

·         Cyber Insurance

·         Underwriting of different types of liability risks

·         Claims management


Participants’ Profile 

Officials handling Liability Insurance in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies.   


Duration: 3 days


        I.            24.04.2023-26.04.2023

     II.            25.09.2023-27.09.2023

  III.            26.02.2024-28.02.2024