Property insurance (Fire Insurance) used to be a major contributor to the general insurance business. But post de tariffing drastic reduction in prices in fire rates has led to the portfolio waning in the recent past. Currently the property segment is undergoing changes in terms of stipulation of minimum STFI rates, IIB rates, Earthquake, deductibles and reinsurance treaties. Now IRDAI has introduced three new standard products which need to be followed by all the insurers in the country. Practitioners require intensive knowledge to understand the increasing complexity and nature of property insurance. This Programme aims to provide a holistic view of property risks, its assessment, market developments underwriting, reinsurance aspects, and claims management.


This programme aims to equip participants comprehension and increase exposure to understand

    Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy;

  New Standard Fire Products

  Special Policies; IAR Policy Mega Policy

  PML - Importance and calculation


  Claims Management



  Property Insurance - Indian scenario including IIB rates, etc.

  PML concepts & its importance in underwriting

  Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy - concepts, cover and extensions

  Griharaksha Policy, Shukshma Udyog policy and Laghu Udyog policy

  IAR Policy; Mega Policy - concepts, cover and extensions

  Business interruption concepts, cover and extensions

  Claims Management



Participants Profile

Officials handling underwriting and claims, audit in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies 

Duration: 3 days


        I.            02.05.2023-04.05.2023

     II.            31.07.2023-02.08.2023

  III.            06.11.2023-08.11.2023

  IV.            04.03.2024-06.03.2024