The globalisation of insurance practices has necessitated all stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem to be aware of one another's practices, which will immensely contribute in building regional capacities. Hence the Comprehensive Technical Programme in General Insurance aims at developing the pool of knowledge on the practices prevalent in the different sub-environments which are a part of the Global Insurance ecosystem. The programme also facilitates in building up the concepts of common theoretical base that remains true across the global market, and enable the participants to develop a holistic understanding of all the major lines of insurance business. The participants will also have an opportunity to find efficient solutions to the problems of their respective markets from the knowledge that they will gain during this training programme.

The pedagogy comprises of:


  Classroom session which includes extensive discussion through practical examples and case studies

  Visit to Car & Port model to facilitate deeper understanding

  Group presentation by the participants



The programme aims to equip the participants with knowledge of:

  Principles and practices of general insurance

  Main General insurance covers and their applications

  Underwriting practices 

  Claims Management-Best practices



1. General Insurance


  Global general insurance scenario

  Principles & Practice of insurance


2. Main classes of general insurance

a.       Fire Insurance


  Fire Insurance Policies - concepts, cover, extensions, add-ons

  PML concepts & its importance in underwriting

  Business interruption concepts, cover and extensions

  Claims Management

b.      Marine Insurance (Cargo & Hull)


  Institute Cargo Clauses 1982 and 2009

  Payment and Documentary Credit System

  Inco terms

  Bulk Cargo Clauses and Inland Transit Clauses

  Subrogation & Recovery

  Marine Claims Management

  Protection & Indemnity

  Marine Hull (Basics, Clauses & Relation to Cargo insurance)

  Visit to Port Model

  Visit to Maritime Institute

c.       Motor Insurance (Own Damage & Third Party)

  Anatomy of Automobiles

  Motor Insurance Policies - concepts, cover, extensions, add-ons

  Management of Claims

  Role of Technology in motor insurance

  Motor TP Insurance

  Insurance of Electric Vehicles

  Visit to Car Model

d.      Health Insurance

     Health Insurance Policies - concepts & coverage

  Health Insurance Underwriting & claims

e.       Engineering Insurance


     Project insurance policies - Coverage, underwriting & claims

Engineering Insurance policies - Coverage, underwriting & claims

f.        Miscellaneous

  Miscellaneous insurance policies conventional & transformational products - Coverage, underwriting & claims

  Aviation insurance

  Oil & energy insurance


g.      Liability Insurance

  Public & Product liability, CGL - concepts, cover, extensions, add-ons

  E&O, D&O & Cyber


h.      Crop Insurance

  Rural & Micro insurance

  Agriculture insurance


3. Reinsurance

  Fundamentals of Reinsurance - Proportional; Non-Proportional; Facultative

  Global Programmes - Understanding the concepts, Methodology & working of Programme

  Role of Intermediaries in Reinsurance Markets


4. Others

  Insurance Frauds Management

  Customer service

  Product Distribution


Participants Profile


Junior & Middle level insurance Executives handling insurance in overseas General Insurance companies, Consulting firms, Brokers; Government, Regulators and Government undertakings


Duration: 3 Weeks


Dates : 20.11.2023-08.12.2023