Programme Overview:

Retirement from the work is entering a new phase in life. It is unlike some other transitions that take place in a career spanning many years. There will be numerous concerns, financial and social are the first among them, that demand immediate attention. After many years busy work-schedule, all of a sudden, the employee feels an all-encompassing vacuum in his/her life. To guide the employee to overcome this stage and redirect his experience and energies to the betterment of the society is an art in itself.  The retiring person has several avenues to contribute for the benefit of all and thereby for himself too. However, the mind-set about retirement is associated with many negative thoughts as well. It is important for the organizations to take care of the retiring individual by enabling them to take a comprehensive view of retirement and help them to have a measure of internal control to take charge of the new phase of life to which nature is pushing the person.

This programme is a tribute to all the retiring executives for their contribution and loyalty to Indian non-life industry.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the participants will be able to:-

Ø  Rekindle the internal strength of the retiring officer for his/her personal well-being

Ø  Explore creative ways for engaging in socially useful pursuits; 

Ø  Post retirement activities in one’s area of expertise and interest


Ø    Personal Financial Management

Ø    Health Management

Ø    Second Innings – Focusing on Meaning and Purpose

Ø    Managing Self, Relationships and generation gaps

Ø    Engaging with Family and Society


 Participants’ Profile: All Executives about to Retire.

 Duration: 3 days


        I.            17.04.2023-19.04.2023

     II.            02.05.2023-04.05.2023

  III.            12.06.2023-14.06.2023

  IV.            10.07.2023-12.07.2023

     V.            31.07.2023- 02.08.2023

  VI.            21.08.2023-23.08.2023

VII.            20.09.2023-22.09.2023

VIII.            03.10.2023- 05.10.2023

  IX.            16.10.2023-18.10.2023

     X.            01.11.2023 – 03.11.2023

  XI.            11.12.2023-13.12.2023

XII.            17.01.2024 - 19.01.2024

XIII.            05.02.2024 – 07.02.2024

XIV.            04.03.2024 - 06.03.2024