Python is worldwide the most widely used free & open source Analytics software. It is available on variety of platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Python package repository features over 3,64,400 projects. Especially for Data Science & AI applications, the popularity & power of Python is increasing, day-by-day. IT/AI employees and Data Scientists across various departments (functional as well as insurance technical) including Actuaries have started using Python for their Data Science areas. There are many packages based on Python that are of immense use for AI applications. Data Mining including Machine Learning, other Data Science techniques and AI by using Python are necessary skills for today’s IT / Business Analytics / Insurance professionals. Against this background, this hands-On Python for Artificial Intelligence training has been offered for GI industry.


ü Analytics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence relationships

ü AI initiatives taken by Government of India (including by IRDAI), AI Developments & its applications in GI

ü Importance of Python for Insurance Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

ü Revision of Python Datatypes & Structures, Python Logic Structures, Jupyter IDE, Python: Data Handling (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.) for Data Analytics & Visualization

ü Python Data Science & Machine Learning including Deep Neural Networks, CNNs, RNNs, Reinforcement Learning

ü AI frameworks implementation with Python Hands-on

ü Python for other DS-AI Techniques: Sentiment Analysis, Fuzzy Systems, Recommender Systems, Chatbots & VoiceBots, RPAs

ü MLOps

ü Python ML-AI applications in various facets of Insurance & Financial Services

ü Hands-on Exercises & End-to-End Case Studies

Participants’ Profile:

This hands-On training is open to General Insurance industry and other related organizations from within India as well as from other countries. Officers / Executives / Manager or higher management from IT / Analytics, Actuarial, other insurance technical areas, various functional areas (Marketing / Business Development) of General Insurance including HI, Re-Insurance organizations, Regulators, Insurance Information Bureau, Broking companies.  Working employees from any other organization interested in learning ‘Python for Artificial Intelligence’. Prior knowledge / skills of Python though not essential, having it will be more advantageous.

Duration:        5 days

Dates:              21.11.2022 - 25.11.2022