Group products that are offered to customers by financial planners require the most suitable investment and asset allocation strategies so that the assured return can be guaranteed to the corporate client for sustainable period. The investment pattern of this large corpus should be designed in such a manner that it would provide maximum return to the subscriber on long term basis. At the same time as per regulatory guideline, the investment in instruments should be at  “arm’s length” keeping solely the benefit of the beneficiary in mind. The prudent investment of a fund of a trust is the fiduciary responsibility of the Trustees and need to be exercised with appropriate due diligence. The officials while marketing the various P&GS related products to the corporate clients assure the returns on the basis of the investment pattern adopted by the insurer company.  Therefore, it is imperative that the marketing officials should have a thorough understanding of these investments in the capital market.

The course is designed to familiarize the participants about the basic concepts of investment in the capital market. The participants can have a bird’s eye view of the different types of financial instruments which will enable them to bring a level of professional sophistication in their marketing approach.  This in turn shall add value to the organization in the business both in qualitative and quantitative terms.  


·         To understand types and pattern of investments of P&GS funds as per regulatory guidelines.

·         Understand the Structure of Capital Market and its functioning

·         Understand the Structure of Debt Market & Equity Market and their functioning.

·         Have an overall idea about the concept of derivatives and its applications

·         Understand the application of Financial Statements & Ratios

·         Have a pathway to leverage the acquired knowledge for better business performance.

·         To learn the basics of listing of companies and the concept of enterprise value.


·         Current Economic Scenario across industries

·         IRDAI (Investment Regulations) for P&GS Funds

·         Capital market functions, structure, types and features

·         Debt market, equity market

·         Money market instruments

·         Exchange traded derivative & Asset backed securities

·         Listing of companies & enterprise value

·         Financial Statements & Financial Ratios (Operating and net margins, EPS, ROE, Debt Equity ratio, Dividend Yield

Participants’ Profile: P&GS Marketing Officers

Duration:  2  days        

Date:  24.11.2022 to 25.11.2022