Corporate environment is becoming increasingly complex with the rapidly changing world. Countries are shifting from controlled and directed economic policies to liberalized, market driven economies. Coping with this dynamic environment and staying ahead have become survival imperatives for organizations.



At the end of the programme, participating senior executives will be able to:

Identify, formulate and implement new strategies required under the emerging competitive market; Develop an integrated management perspective including marketing, finance, people development in organizations, information technology and planning for improved results in launching strategic action initiatives; Launch strategic action initiatives



Ø  The emerging international economic scenario and strategies for change management

Ø  Emerging dimensions of risk management

Ø  Marketing strategies in a competitive environment

Ø  Product innovation and development in free markets

Ø  Human resources management as a strategic response

Ø  Leadership role – new dimensions

Ø  New frontiers in the financial products and services

Ø  Role of Information Technology in strategic management

Ø  Role of re-insurance in a developing economy

Ø  Values in management of insurance business

Ø  Knowledge Management

Ø  Business Ethics

Ø  Investment Analysis

Participants’ Profile: 

Indian: Senior Executives from General Insurance Companies; Overseas: Top and Senior level executives of General Insurance Companies

Duration: 2 days

Dates:  22.12.2022-23.12.2022