Insurance, though a matter of contract between two parties, is nevertheless of concern to the public and hence needs to be regulated. The fundamental purpose of insurance law/ regulation is to protect the public, consumers and policyholders. Historically, the industry has been shaped by legal principles, practices, and laws with insurance to become one of the highly regulated industries. The regulatory architecture plays a major role in the growth of insurance sector. Regulation also shapes the structure and conduct of industry and therefore the performance of insurers Rapid advances in digital technology are also transforming the insurance industry landscape, creating opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders.


The programme aims to equip the participants with understanding and knowledge of


         Laws governing Insurance

         IPC; CRPC



         Introduction to Insurance Laws : Insurance Act 1938 and Amendments; IRDA Act 1999, Indian Contract Act 1873; Indian Stamp Act 1899; The Limitation Act 1963, The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996

         Laws on Consumer Protection Redressal of Public Grievances Rules 1998,Consumer  Protection Act 1986

         IPC; CRPC

         Regulations on Market Conduct, solvency approaches, Product, Pricing, Distribution

Participantsí Profile : Junior and Middle level Officials of public and private sector General Insurance Companies,

 Duration:        3 Days

 Dates:              01.08.2022-03.08.2022