A company’s financial strength is measured by Solvency Margin.  Solvency Margin is the measure of the Company’s financial status in relation to its policyholders commitments.   It is the culmination of several operating decisions over the years and it is necessary to understand the underlying factors that could influence Solvency Margins and Solvency Ratios.


This course seeks to :

Ř  Provide a complete understanding of the present Regulations on Solvency Margin

Ř  Enable the participants to understand the underlying components of Capital, Reserves, Assets and Liabilities

Ř  Enlighten them on how operating decisions collectively could damage a company’s financial strength and impact solvency margin

Ř  Examine ways how Solvency Margin could be improved


Ř    General insurance solvency – regulatory framework

Ř    Understanding general insurance financial statements

Ř    Profitability and solvency drivers

Ř    Impact of claims management on solvency

Ř    Impact of underwriting and pricing on solvency

Ř    Solvency scenario analysis

Ř    General insurance reserves


Executives in middle and Senior Management positions in operating Offices, Regional Offices and Corporate Offices

Duration:        2 days

Dates:             04.08.2022-05.08.2022