There is hyper competition in the market with new players continuously entering in the market and offering different value propositions to customers. Many customers are moving away from focusing solely on the price aspect towards service and convenience aspects. Inspired by the digital service providers like Uber and Amazon, customers expect a similar level of service in all their interactions with their service providers including insurance providers too. They have moved beyond customer service to customer experience. Insurers have to now aim for customer delight.  Despite there being improvement in the level of customer service, lot remains to be done.  Insurance companies need to revisit their current grievance management and see it as a good opportunity to recover their customers' confidence. They need to initiate simple, workable changes for faster and effective grievance redressal. Grievances should be looked upon as an opportunity as they provide valuable customer insight & highlights areas requiring improvement. Timely and qualitative response in resolution of customersí grievances is crucial for the success of companies.  


The programme aims to equip participants in

         Understanding customer experience and its implications

         Developing ability to see grievances as a service recovery opportunity

         Gaining insights from grievances and leveraging them for better customer service

         Familiarizing the participants with the grievance redressal mechanism


         Understanding customer experience management and its implications for grievances

         Understanding role of grievances in service recovery

         Analysis of customer grievance and using insights from grievances in improving service

         Understanding contract certainty

         IGMS, CPA, Public Grievances Redressal Rules, Alternate Dispute Resolution

Participantsí Profile 

Officials handling consumer grievances, underwriting, claims in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies

Duration:       2 Days

Dates:             22.09.2022-23.09.2022