The Pension & Group Schemes (P&GS) business of LIC is currently the largest contributor to the total business of the organisation. It is expected that the trend would continue in India in future also and the P&GS business would become even larger of the overall business. However, this business would be far more competitive and will increasingly need a better degree of sophistication on the part of marketing officers.

 The key aspect of P&GS marketing is the interface between the insurer and the insured group in the form of the P&GS marketing official who is expected to be properly groomed and possess the necessary interpersonal skillset to assist in clinching the business. The key aspects of these interpersonal skillset are Communication Skills, Leadership skills, Negotiation Skills, Creative Thinking, Management skills and other personal traits. These skills are not something that can be developed instantly but one needs to work proactively over it for a prolonged duration.

 Thus, the course is designed to provide a roadmap for the participants with the basic concepts and how they can work on themselves to develop it over their lifetime. This in turn will add value to the organisation in terms of the business as well as personally benefitting the officers in terms of their confidence and ability, making them better managers.  


 At the end of the programme the participants shall be able to:

  Evaluate their communication skills

  Understand the process of enhancing their communication skills in order of becoming an effective communicator

  Able to understand their current leadership style and how they can be a more acceptable and open leader.

  Have a deeper understanding of the negotiation process and become a skilful negotiator.

  Understand the different aspects of management and their interrelationships.

  To have the necessary knowledge to develop these skillsets to enhance their personality which will ultimately be a key differentiator in a sophisticated and competitive marketplace.

  Appreciate the role of technology in social marketing and how to effectively put this tool to the benefit of the organisation.

  Understand how these skills can be leveraged for enhancing their business performance

  Have a clear roadmap to develop themselves for future leadership roles.


   Basic Communication Skills

  Leadership skills overview

  Leadership Styles

  Brand Management.

  Crisis Management.

  Objection Handling and Negotiation Skills

  Innate Leadership Qualities.

  Team Building and Developing Synergy

  Enhance the Leadership Quotient

  Leadership Competencies.

  Managing Change

  Creative Thinking

  Strategic Management

  Personality Development.

  Corporate Grooming.

  Informal Leaders & Path Breakers

  Social Media Marketing

 Participants Profile:  Divisional Managers and above of P & GS Dept. to be nominated by CO-P & GS.

 Duration:        3 days

 Dates:              10.08.2022-12.08.2022