The promising talents in the organisation are to be nurtured and also be made to understand the concepts of the strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to create a successful organisation on the long term.  Strategy setting is considered as the role of the top management. The implementers are to be made aware of the processes of strategy formulation for better results. The concepts and understanding the process involved in the strategy formulations and its review will help in better implementation and the consequent results. This will result into the differential outlook of the future leaders of the industry. The course is designed to familiarize the participants on concepts of strategy, its formulation; the process involved, to analyse cases and develop strategic solutions, to implement the strategies, monitoring and evaluation of the strategies.

The greatest difficulty in the World is not for people to accept new ideas but make them forget about old ideas John Maynard Keynes (Economist)


            At the end of the programme participants would be able to:

  Understand the process of strategy formulation.

  Evaluate and monitor the implementation of the strategies.

  Understand the environmental factors and their impact on their operations

  Competencies required for operating in a competitive market-driven environment

  Appreciate the monitoring, evaluation and corrective actions for better results.

  Understand the source and use of data for effective decision making.

  Appreciate how to leverage technology for better performance

  Latest challenges in socio economic environment in the country on account of the pandemic

  Adapting to the new Digital era, specifically in view of the disruptive changes caused by the pandemic.


  Consistency Tests with the Goals, Vision, Mission and Culture.

  Selling The Strategy To Internal Customers

  Modular Implementation

  Impact Study Of Strategies And Implementation Loop Holes

  Measurement, Review, and Alternate Options

  Sessions on IT Enabled Service/Remote Access Delivery with Information On Cyber Security.

  Net Etiquette And Acquiring Learning New Digital Skills

  Change in the dynamics of the markets on account of the pandemic.

  Leadership Skills Requisite For Strategic Marketing

  Communication Skills Key To Implementing Strategy

Participant Profile:

Officers working as SBMs/ADMs/DMs/SDMs both in the Marketing and Administration to be nominated by the P&GS Department of Central Office.

Duration:       3 days

Dates:             26.09.2022- 28.09.2022