The rapid change in the rural landscape in terms of the vulnerability of exposure to various risks and its long term impact on the rural economic health vis--vis the paradigm shift in the scope of assets possessed by the rural mass, has warranted a fresh look to spread the carpet of insurance as a risk mitigation tool comprising of tailor-made products and services for the millions  who are currently excluded from the insurance net The challenge of the hour is to achieve the insurance inclusion at a greater pace not only to provide a cushion for the sustainable economic development but to explore the new business opportunities for the insurer. The comprehensive study on the subject is aimed at making a pragmatic environmental analysis and focusing upon the evolving issues to chart an appropriate action plan for a symbiotic growth process.


  To make the participants aware of  various rural risks

  To acquaint the participants with salient features of various rural insurance Schemes and their operational modalities

  To equip the participants with the claims management skills

  Marketing and Development of Rural Insurance Business in India  

  Regulatory Issues


  Regulations and Its impact on Rural business

  Rural Market: Environment and Potentiality

  Rural Insurance Products

  Cattle, Live Stock, Blood Stock

  Poultry and Aqua Culture Insurance,

  Horticulture, Sericulture

  Flori-culture and Plantation Insurance

  New Product Development and Pricing of Rural Insurance

  Weather Derivatives -  

  Field Visit to Agricultural Firms

  Micro Insurance Potential Market,

  Export Management of Agro Products

  Mapping & Modelling New Avenues, Growth trend

  Technology Interventions in Micro Insurance

  Distribution Channels, cost present trend in Business

  Different approaches to market, Role of Government, Role of Informal Sector, Successful Models, Role of customer service & models of successful customer service

  Marketing of MI / Marketing Strategies

  Regulatory Issues

  Participants Profile:

Officers from Agricultural Insurance Companies / Executives in Govt./ Agricultural Insurance Institutions / Public and Private sector general insurance companies & Officers likely to be posted in Misc. Department Rural Insurance Dept./ Brokers / NGOs

 Duration:       3 days

  Date:              12.09.2022-14.09.2022