Under this competitive market, the agent has to be highly professional with thorough product and market knowledge, better selling skills with technological knowhow, and customer orientation, etc.

Similarly, the insurer too has to envisage a much broader responsibility of transforming the channel partners into highly professional risk manager with multi-responsibility of demand creation to product development, underwriting, data management, policy servicing to overall management of insurance business. More importantly, the Customer needs have also undergone drastic changes, as a result of changing risk landscape, customers look for new solutions to their increasing complex risks.

Under the multi-channel scenario, it is highly imperative for the insurance executives to understand the multi-facet roles of agents and develop professionalism to achieve greater productivity and customer acceptance through regular technical and service support along with technological up-gradation of their skill-sets to enable the agency channel highly productive and successful.


  The participants would familiarise with multi-facet roles of agents and realise the importance of developing the successful and or professional agents. 

  The program would help the insurance executives understand the importance of nurturing and developing the agents through coaching and mentoring.

  The participants would be equipped with the nuances of integrated marketing communication tools like interactive web portal, mobile applications and social media which would help their agents to be completive in the digital era.


  Dynamics of Insurance Market and Agency Functions

  Understanding the complexity of the customers risks and Sales Process Management

  Mapping of Products, Segments, Targeting to Agency Channels

  Nurturing and Development of Agents; Training, Handholding, Goal setting, Performance Review and Monitoring.

  Role of Agency Coordinators or Mangers; Mentoring and Coaching

  Essentials of Communication, Networking and Relationship Building

  Role of Technology including Social Media in Agency Development

Pedagogy: Presentation and Case Studies, Group Discussion and Group Presentation

Participants Profile: Insurance Officers / Agency coordinators at HO, Regional level and Business centers, SBMs / DMs and SDMs from PSU General Insurance companies.

Duration:       3 days

Dates:             23.01.2023-25.01.2023