Marine Insurance, besides being the oldest form of insurance, is also a vast and fascinating subject. It is unique, as it is conceptually different from other classes of insurance. Marine Insurance Business is mostly international and subject to marine laws, conventions and practices in all stages of operation. Handling of the subject requires knowledge and skills not only in the realm of insurance, but also other fields including maritime practices & laws, trade, economies, culture, natural resources, geographies, nature of commodities, mode of packing, transportation, different types of claims, marine recoveries. This programme has been designed to cover various aspects of Marine Insurance which would help participants to achieve better underwriting and claims management.  


The programme aims to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and expertise required to build and enhance their understanding of marine insurance including terminology, concepts, laws, type of risks, business practices, risk management, policies, clauses underwriting, reinsurance, claims and recovery.


         Marine Insurance - An Overview

         Marine Laws

         Institute Cargo Clauses 1982-2009

         Payment and Documentary Credit System

         Critical Clauses and Provisions

         Inland Transit Clauses

         Subrogation & Recovery

         Major Commodities and their risks

         Stock throughput / Sales Turnover Policy



         Marine Claims Management

         General Average

         Protection & Indemnity

         Marine Hull (Basics, Clauses & Relation to Cargo insurance)

         Visit to Port Model

         Marine Risk Management

Participantsí Profile

Officials handling Marine (Cargo) underwriting & claims posted in Head Office, Regional Offices, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies

Duration :      3 days

Dates:             09.01.2023-11.01.2023